Conservation of tower of Riga Cathedral


Riga Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia and one of the symbols of the spiritual life of Latvia.

Riga Cathedral is one of the biggest and oldest religious buildings in Latvia and the Baltic region dating from Medieval times.

Bishop Albert

Bishop Albert lays the foundation stone of Riga Cathedral on July 25, 1211.

In 2011 Riga Cathedral celebrated its 800th anniversary.

Nowadays Riga Cathedral not only preserves our historical, architectural, artistic and cultural values, but also is actively involved in spiritual and social life and activities of Latvia.

Uz_0041Since 2013 Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia implements the Project of the European Regional and Development Fund (ERDF) „Preservation of Riga Cathedral and Effective Use of its Socio-economic Potential. Reinforcement of tower of Riga Cathedral”

The Aim of the Project is to ensure the long term preservation of Riga Cathedral.

The total referable cost of the project is EUR 6 520 379.

During the life cycle of the project, a wide range of research and restoration activities will be performed: architectural, artistic and engineering research and technical planning. The restoration activities are conservation of wood construction of tower and change of roof covering; as well as conservation of towers chapels and artistic monuments. The project includes also environmental accessibility works.

The scope of ERDF project includes also the assessment of the construction plan, technical overview and supervision of construction works, as well as monitoring of load bearing constructions.

Project is part of the ERDF activity “Support to Private Owners of Cultural Monuments in Monument Preservation and in the Effective Use of Their Socio-economic Potential”

Responsible Authority – Ministry of Culture. Cooperation Body – The Central Finance and Contracting Agency.